Change support.
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Coaching. Team development.
Strategy consulting.


Coaching. Team development.
Strategy consulting.

inmedio – institute for mediation. counselling. development

Working out conflict solutions and shaping change processes together with those involved: inmedio has been offering mediation, systemic consulting and organizational development since 1998 and trains colleagues in mediation courses.


May 2024 - May 2025
Akademie Sonneck, online, Berlin
September 2024 - September 2025
Akademie Sonneck und Online
September 2024 - September 2024
Mattli Antoniushaus in Morschach (Schweiz)
November 2024 - January 2025


20. September 2023

New format now open for registration

Five-day instense small-group Coaching for Track 2 Dialogue. Berlin, February 12th to 16th with optional online follow-up. This coaching is designed to support professionals in their efforts to improve track 2 dialogues they are involved in, by reflecting on achievements and failures and by learning from other participants and the coach’s experience in a small […]
30. December 2022

Recommendations for Dialogue between Armenia and Azerbaijan

The paper ‘Recommendations for further steps to start dialogue between Armenia and Azerbaijan’ was created by participants of the dialogue workshops in both countries in the framework of our project supported by the German MFA. The current situation at the Lachin corridor, which could easily spiral out of control, underlines the relevance of dialogue. The […]
26. November 2022

Remembering Azerbaijani Peace Expert Avaz Hasonov

One Year ago, the Civil Society Institute’s and inmedio’s longtime Azerbaijani project partner Avaz Hasanov passed away without any warning. We miss him much. Avaz was one of the most important Azerbaijani peace building experts and his sudden death left a big gap not only for his friends and family but also the peace building […]