Our open seminars address mediators and members of related consulting professions (Organisational development, Coaching, Supervision) as well as executives and persons responsible for human ressources development.


We guarantee liveliness and we combine learning with humor: Interactive lectures introduce the content and at the same time we strengthen the application of skills and competence of the participants. Our professionality, our didactical skills and our many years of experience allow us to flexibly incorporate the expectations, interests and experience of the seminar groups into our concept.

  • Counselling for workplace bullying and de-escalation
  • Diversity competencies
  • Conflict-perspective-analysis as an instrument for collegial consulting
  • Burnout-prevention
  • Sexual Violence – prevention and intervention
  • Special expertise in different fields of mediation (Integral conflict resolution; family, separation and divorce; peace mediation; child endangerment)


To be able to enhance your own and your employees’ conflict competencies quickly and directly, we offer inhouse trainings and workshops.

  • Solution-focused conflict management for executives
  • Get along professionally – resolve team conflicts constructively
  • Bullying – strategies for prevention, intervention and counselling
  • Intercultural communication and conflict management: for specific target groups, such as staff and executive management in the administration
  • Conflict-perspective-analysis – an instrument for mediation analogue consulting
  • Acting in violent situations – de-escalation training
  • Surviving teaching – how to deal with discipline problems in your pedagogical everyday life
  • Body language – a means of effective communication in conflicts