Sexual violence pre- and intervention

“You cannot keep the birds of sorrow from flying over your head but you can keep them from building a nest in your hair”.

(Arabic proverb)

Children and adolescents are the highest good of a society. Protecting them against traumatising violations is the responsibility of us adults.

They rightly want to feel at home in institutions, organisations and associations. Therefore, organisation-specific prevention concepts and broad-based action guidelines have become a necessity for clarifying suspicions and accusations.

  • Suspected sexual violence
  • Creating safe spaces

“How do I deal with every aspect of it?” *

If there is a suspicion of “sexual violence”, -regardless of whether or not victims report sexual violence or people bring up an accusation on the basis of observations- a dynamic that is highly burdensome and misleads the people in your organisation to choose sides – to either take the side of the “accused” or the side of the victim. The conflict has a high potential for division.

The suspicion needs clarification – you have to gain clarity in dealing with the suspicion, intervene resolutely and responsibly carry out all your duties of care.

Above all, it is necessary to protect the victims of sexual violence and all children and adolescents. Simultaneously, it is relevant to do justice to the reputation of your employees and the reputation of your organisation.

In doing so, you will be observed critically, often questioned and sometimes attacked for your decisions in the procedure. This makes proper action even more difficult.

​What must happen so that nothing happens?“*

A safeguard concept – A MUST for the valuable places where children and adolescents can develop between self-determination and boundaries.

We advise your organisation in a personalised manner and together we will work on the essential requirements that are needed to make “your place” safer for children and young people.

A risk analysis or an analysis of a concrete, already worked-out case will provide you with information on where you should complete your concepts. This protects not only the younger ones within your organisation, but also the adults.

We provide you with expert advice grounded in our organisational development and mediation competence and support the changes that you deem essential.

We support you in the clarification of suspicion and accusations to the extent of what is necessary from your point of view.

support and

Making good decisions
and maping out
further course of action

Communication of
decisions within
the organisation

Moderation or Mediation
with parents

Supervision or
mediation of

of support for the
person affected

Preparation for talks
with the person
under suspicion

Plan and accompany
rehabilitation of wrongfully
accused persons

Preparation and support
of talks with children
and adoloescents

Public relations

Concerned clarification

Guiding our action is the question of how, from your point of view, your approach and its consequences generally have an effect on those affected by sexual violence and how far this breaks through the strategies of sex offenders. When the clarification is successfully completed, we support you in the case analysis and the consequences for your preventive protection and intervention concept resulting from the experience (developing safe spaces).

We gladly empower you and also recommend colleagues to you from within our own network.

What components does a safeguard concept contain?

Guiding our action to contribute to a safe place for children and adolescents is the question of how, from your point of view, your protection concept and its implementation generally has an effect on those affected by sexual violence and how far this breaks through the strategies of sex offenders.

We gladly activate and also recommend colleagues to you from within our own network.

For German speaking people, please read the article: „Verdacht auf Missbrauch von Macht. Verdacht auf sexuelle Gewalt. Fürsorgepflichten des klärenden Systems.


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