Organisational development

Our view on organisations is systemic
and dialogic.

Step by step, we establish with you what is needed for a healthy and holistic further development. For that, we always work on three levels: organisation, leadership and team.

Our special expertise:

  • Change Management

  • Diversity Management

  • Health

  • Organisation
  • Leadership
  • Team
  • Integral OD

Anyone who wants to keep pace with changes without losing his or her identity, needs to recognize areas of creativity and make clear decisions. We will assist you in meeting these challenges.

In an environment characterised by acceleration, complexity and permanent change, organisations need to remain capable of acting. We count on the active participation of those who are affected by the changes. This precludes demotivation and leads to more intelligent solutions. The range of our services extends from short interventions to continuous process support.

  • Moderation of examinations & workshops
  • Participatory organisational diagnoses
  • Strategy development
  • Change management and restructuring
  • Dialogic feedback systems

Together with you, we find out what is important to you as a leader in your particular situation.

There isn’t ‘one right way’ to lead. As a leader, you have to be flexible and be able to adapt, but you also need to be determined and stay the course, when the situation requires it. You are part of a larger system – and hence dependent on the structures, processes and decisions of others. Additionally, there is the challenge of leading oneself.

For this, we work with you – as a process consultant and sparring partner – in the format that best suits you:

  • Coaching to work on your (leadership) personality
  • Focus-training: preparation for an immediate challenge
  • Negotiation Coaching: Strategies for an effective enforcement of interests
  • Collegial counselling: exchange among peers
  • Moderation of a dialogic management feedback by your employees
  • Socratic dialogues to handle dilemma situations

We design development and reflection processes and accompany the lively dialogue between executives and employees.

Good teamwork is characterised by clear accountability, effective communication and a positive social climate.

Based on your needs we will support you to:

  • Make a (self) diagnosis
  • Check routines
  • Solve conflicts constructively
  • Promote lively and productive communication
  • Clarify responsibilities
  • Find new solutions
  • Support their implementation

Integral Organisational Development (OD) uses the integral theory developed by Ken Wilber to identify the relevant and effective points of leverage for a transformative development.

When hiking on new paths, it is important to choose the right map.

The experience of the last decades shows that many change management projects fail and lead to little constructive resistance or to the demotivation of relevant parts of the workforce.

In order to put things in the right place, orientation in an increasingly complex world is needed. With the development of the Integral Matrix, Ken Wilber has made available five basic integral maps of human, social, and organisational systems.

These maps provide guidance on the questions of what to do and where and how to do it.

Everything has four sides!

With the integral organisational analysis, we avoid meaninglessly doing “more of the same”, when this strategy does not lead to the desired goal.

Instead of trying to copy strategies that were (supposedly) helpful in other organisations, the complex structure of the organisation is recognised and the development requirements are accurately identified and developed.

Even the use of the first map – the “four main perspectives / quadrants” – is very illuminating and points out where blind spots have been and where there are meaningful starting points for development.


Our Services:

In order to be able to advise you integrally, a good analysis and a diagnostic cooperation between you and us are necessary.

We offer you:

  • Initial consultation of the client or senior management
  • Integral diagnosis- or aim clarification-workshop
  • Support and co-shaping of the transformation process
  • Integral workshops about the identified approaches (e.g. development of a model, vision and
  • strategy development, large group workshops, management workshops, team workshops)
  • Integral business coaching for executives or internal OD managers
  • Integral training of the internal process support and / or conflict moderation