Conflict management

We work with different mediation and organisational development procedures to prevent, process and manage interpersonal and structural conflicts.

Conflicts interfere with collaboration. They cost time, mental health and money. At the same time, they provide important information about weak points and what changes are needed in relationships, teams and organisations.

The trick is to make it possible to talk about conflicts in a productive way. Conflicts, when handled professionally, can lead to constructive solutions. And their energy can be used for sustainable learning and transformational processes. In this way, we actively contribute to the innovation and expansion of the scope of action within the organisation

  • System design
  • Conflict counselling
  • Integral conflict management

System design offers you the establishment of a tailor-made, cost-conscious and at the same time sustainable and health-promoting conflict culture in companies and organisations.

There are provisions for dealing with conflicts in all companies. Some work well, others not so much. System design aims to improve and optimise conflict management in organisations.

Who is responsible for dealing with conflicts in your organisation?

Conflict management is a leadership task. Support is provided by the human resources department, the works council, the ombudsman office, the legal department, social counselling, the company doctor, and internal or external consultants and mediators.

What can be improved?

Often, these entities are insufficiently coordinated or in unnecessary competition to one another. Aid comes for individual cases, but it fails to promote the company’s ability to reflect and learn. This leads to a return of the same conflict patterns.

„Probleme kann man niemals mit derselben Denkweise lösen, durch die sie entstanden sind.“

(Albert Einstein)

We advise you on conflicts, difficult decisions and in crisis situations.
In the short term we work with you to appease the situation and to maintain or restore cooperation.

In the long term, the goal is to analyse the structural causes of conflict and to change the behavioural routines up to the establishment of a professional conflict management system.

The instrument of the conflict perspective analysis (CPA), developed by us, provides a structured and tested framework for conflict counselling.

“It is in conflict that our values manifest themselves”

(Anaximander in: Genesis by Bernard Beckett)

If you are dealing with conflicts at different levels and with varying degrees of intensity, you will soon find that there is not ONE successful method of conflict processing that always works.

Rather, it seems that there are factors (for example different levels of development of persons or (sub-)systems, different stages of escalation, styles of conflict resolution, etc.), which play an important role in the choice of the appropriate type of conflict counselling.

An integral conflict management provides, in a holistic way, the questions, methods, tools, and settings that support you in transforming the existing conflict energy into a useful advancement of your organisation.

Our trademark is a consequent orientation directed towards the past development of your organisation and the current needs for change within your company.

A central role plays a good communication management. While preserving confidentiality, important feedback loops directed towards the management are established. We include all the people concerned and thus strengthen the responsibility structure.

inmedio is founding member of the Gesellschaft für Systemdesign (society for system design).