11. Juli 2018

New Dialogue-Project: Russia and ‘the West’ – Joint Analysis of Conflict Narratives and Exploration of Metanarratives

What has gone wrong since the end of the cold war, when all doors seemed to be open for a cooperative relationship between Russia and – this simplification may be allowed here – the West? A broad debate on the opposing narratives on this question must be made primarily by civil society actors. The aim of our joint project in cooperation with the Institute for Law and Public Policy, Moscow, is to contribute to such an in-depth dialogue between representatives of Russian and German civil society, foreign policy think tanks and universities, journalists, culture professionals and historians. Both on the Russian and the German side, a broad political spectrum should be covered. This demonstrates that there is no monolithic narrative on either side. Metanarratives shall be developed which attempt to integrate conflicting perspectives. These will be published in a results report end of 2018. The project is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office. # CivilSocietyCooperation. Please finde more information here. If you would like to recommend a person to participate in the workshops please contact splinter@inmedio.de.

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