18. November 2019

Maps and Gaps – navigating through contested narratives

The dialogue on contested narratives of what went wrong since the end of the cold war, implemented by inmedio peace consult (Berlin), the Institute for Law and Public Policy (Moscow) and Ideas for Change (Kyiv), has reached a new stage: From Friday Nov 8th to Tuesday Nov 12th, 18 think-tank experts, NGO activists, journalists, historians and other scholars from Germany, Russia and Ukraine intensively analyzed the variety of narratives present in the respective countries. We had eye-opening moments and enriching exchange of perspectives! Thanks to the high commitment and constructive attitude of all dialogue-group members, work on the joint publication is already in progress. CivilSocietyCooperation

Stay tuned for the upcoming publication „Gaps and Maps – navigating through contested German-Russian-Ukrainian narratives“! It will analyze narratives about different crucial events and episodes: Holodomor and the idea of Ukrainian independence, 1991 – collapse of the USSR and independence of Ukraine, attempts of and failures in cooperation with NATO as well as Maidan, Crimea and Donbas.

The project is funded by AuswärtigesAmt.

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