Dirk Splinter

„We all have cracks. That's how the light gets in.“

Leonhard Cohen

Dirk Splinter


  • Mediator (BM, BMWA) and instructor for mediation (BM) 

  • Food chemist 

  • Higher Diploma in Education (Dipl.Päd.)


E-Mail: splinteratinmedio.de
Phone: +49 (0)30 45 49 04 00

Focus of work

  • Mediation and organisational development in teams, companies and administrations
  • Mediation and dialogue projects in the context of peacebuilding
  • Consultation of development cooperation projects
  • Leadership Trainings
  • Implementation of internal conflict management systems
  • Programs for community mediation

Working languages

German, English

Memberships/Functions/Honorary Commitments in associations etc.

  • Member of the Mediation Support Initiative Germany
  • Member of the Reflecting on Peace Practices Learning Community (CDA / Boston, MA)
  • Member of the OSCE Mediation and Dialogue Expert Pools
  • From 2002 to 2008 led the group of community mediation in the Federal Association for Mediation (BM)
  • Platform Civilian conflict management

Selected Publications

Gut aufgestellt?! Systemische Aufstellungsarbeit bei (ethno-) politischen Konflikten.

Dirk Splinter und Ljubjana Wüstehube: Gut aufgestellt?! Systemische Aufstellungsarbeit bei (ethno-) politischen Konflikten. In: Erwin Ruhnau (Hrsg.): Systemische Aufstellungen in der Mediation - Beziehungen sichtbar machen. Concadora Verlag. Stuttgart, 2012