Inmedio berlin has supported Dialogue Projects in Turkey run by the Swiss Academy for Development and dvv-international since 2006. One hundred years after the tragic events of 1915, Armenians are still seeking recognition of the term Genocide by Turkey, while many Turkish initiatives promoting a dialogue-oriented approach face fierce discussion within their society.

In 2015 a new project was initiated in Turkey and Armenia: ‘Acting Together’ – designed as a dialogue project in the form of a road trip through Turkey and Armenia.

A century after the genocide, the project ‘Acting Together’ aims to build bridges between the peoples of Turkey and Armenia through adult education, journalism, oral history and art. Twenty young people and two writers from Armenia and Turkey took part in a joint road trip, retracing the routes of survivors to Eastern Armenia in 1915. The students formed two groups, which concentrated either on conducting oral history interviews or on working on a Road Magazine.

‘Acting Together’ is a joint initiative by DVV Inter-national and its partners in Armenia and Turkey. It is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Ulrike Push, DVV International’s project manager, and Willibald Walter (inmedio berlin) prepared the Armenian and Turkish group separately in Yerevan and Istanbul. The workshops helped the participants to create a deeper understanding of their own and others’ perspectives. They also provided easy-to-remember communication tools and conflict transformation techniques in order to address difficulties, misunderstandings or emerging conflicts in a constructive way.

Due to the political and security situation in Turkey, which changed dramatically in the second half of 2015, the project could not be conducted as planned. Because of that, only the part of the road trip in Armenia has taken place. In July 2016, there was a final workshop for this project in order to gather and deepen the results and lessons learned. This included a dialogue/moderation of conflicting issues concerning the content of several publications that were written and published. 

One of the publications is a trilingual roadmagazine "Acting together" (Armenian, Turkish, English).

For more information please contact Willibald Walter (walteratinmedio.de).

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