Diversity as a challenge and a chance

Diversity as a challenge and a chance

Diversity management is a strategic concept which aims at using social diversity in a constructice way:  ist ein strategisches Konzept, das darauf abzielt, soziale Vielfalt konstruktiv zu nutzen:

  • reduce discrimination
  • encourage the potential of employees
  • and to use it for the success of the company.

Diversity management substantiates itself in different programmes: gender mainstreaming; intercultural competence; Gay Marketing und Networking; barrier-free work places; senior-friendly work places; family-friendly working hours …

The success of these programmes is a question of attitude.

People want to be taken seriously in what constitutes them and be seen and acknowledged according to their skills and contributions. That never happens completely free of of tension. Different identity groups compete for your attention, formulate diverging interests, measure justice with different standards.

Those who want to reap the fruits of diversity, have to be ready to offer a suitable space for the negotiation process.

We advise you on these issues and help you in making fairness a lived experience - and diversity a source of inspiration, creativity and productivity in your company.

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