Agility and Mindfulness – The art of continuous self-renewal

Agility and Mindfulness – The art of continuous self-renewal

There isn't only one method, with which change can be managed successfully in organisations.

Some change projects succeed with classic project management. However, the pressure of permanent and accelerated change requires more often than not new and agile forms of cooperation and management.

Instead of planning details perfectly there is iteration: the fast changeover of action and reflection, the periodic repetition in the direction of a continuous improvement and innovation.

Courage for experiments, attention to unintended consequences and a good, error-friendly communication are the key:

  • time to pause for a moment, self-reflection and creativity
  • work with intemediate results (prototyping)
  • safe spaces for feedback and dialogue

We support you in developing a culture of organisational mindfulness. That protects your staff and your organisation from excessive demands and stagnation and it encourages the ability to continuously renew yourself.

Bernd Fechler: Wege aus der Verstrickung: Dialogische Bottom-up Feedbacks als zentrales Element Change begleitenden Konfliktmanagements