Local Dialogues for dealing with the past in Sri Lanka

With a lighning-of-oillamps-ceremony in the presence of the Minister for Social Intergration, Reconciliation and official Languages, our new project in cooperation with Rainbow Rescources Lanka was inaugurated on Monday.

Unsere Premium-Ausbildungen beginnen in Kürze


Unsere Premium-Mediationsausbildungen beginnen in Kürze: 

Reviving confidence between border villages

Our project 'Reviving confidence between border villages' will bring people from villages close to the border/ line of contact from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Nagorny-Karabakh togther for a dialoge workshop in Berlin, end of November.

Fachliches Vertiefungstreffen in Berlin

Fachliches Vertiefungstreffen in Berlin
Fachliches Vertiefungstreffen zu partizipativen Großgruppen-Verfahren in der Mediation

2. Bamberger Fachtag Mediation am 18. Oktober 2018

Wir laden ein zum zweiten Fachtag Mediation in Bamberg. 

Russian-German dialogue project in Moscow

Russian-German dialogue in Moscow

Our Russian-German dialogue project started last week in Moscow! A group of 16 Russian and German experts from academia, foreign policy/securtity, think tanks, dialogue practitioners and journalists met to reflect on the contested narratives of what went wrong since the end of the cold war.

New project in Myanmar - We are looking for consultants!

Kick off meeting Myanmar

For our new joint project  “Rohingya Crisis Myanmar: Strengthening Inter Communal Cohesion in Rakhine State through Storytelling, Dialogue and Community Engagement", Peace Development Initiative Kintha (Sittwe/Myanmar), culture for peace (Berlin) and inm

Ein Verdachtsfall im Kiez - was nun?

Ein Verdachtsfall im Kiez - was nun?

innocence in DANGER und inmedio berlin gestalten am 25. September um 19 Uhr eine Info-Veranstaltung im Wasserturm in Kreuzberg.

Julia von Weiler, Regina Neu, Elisa Kassin und Holger Specht werden Fragen zur Dynamik in der Klärung von Verdachtsfällen von interessierten Erwachsenen und Jugendlichen (ab 16 Jahren) beantworten.

New Dialogue-Project: Russia and ‘the West’ - Joint Analysis of Conflict Narratives and Exploration of Metanarratives

What has gone wrong since the end of the cold war, when all doors seemed to be open for a cooperative relationship between Russia and - this simplification may be allowed here - the West? A broad debate on the opposing narratives on this question must be made primarily by civil society actors.

Willibald Walter und Ljubjana Wüstehube im Interview zum Konflikt zwischen Merkel und Seehofer

Am Dienstag hat die Süddeutsche Zeitung mit Willibald Walter ihr Interview am Morgen zum Konflikt zwischen Kanzlerin Merkel und Innenminister Seehofer ge